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M-Squared was founded by Paul Mather in 1996 in order to produce a fun and safe airplane that was superior to others available on the market.

Paul is an accomplished 40+ year veteran of the aviation industry and has accumulated much knowledge and know-how for what is now known as Lightsport and Ultralight aviation.  Paul's company developed and manufactured the strut supported airplanes where wire bracing was the norm at the time for these airplanes.  His innovations have produced very strong, stable and reliable aircraft for his industry.  M-Squared's aircraft with the Rotax 912 are still the strongest aircraft in their class capable of carrying 16 gallons of fuel with two large flyers with ease.

M-Squared subsequently developed the Breese 2 which utilized the Rotax 582 for those flyers who did not require the more rugged airplanes.  There are hundreds of his airplanes flying worldwide today.  Paul manufactures his airplane parts from superior raw materials and he uses aircraft grade components from reliable manufacturers.  M-Squared's sails are custom manufactured for him by one of the most renown sailcloth manufacturers around.

M-Squared - The Company

M-Squared Aircraft Inc. is located in St. Elmo, Alabama near Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.  As a corporation, it has been in business since 1996 and has produced over 500 land and sea aircraft. Because of its proximity to Mobile, Alabama with its extensive waterways and the Gulf of Mexico, St. Elmo is an ideal place to develop and produce airplanes that can take advantage these natural resources.  

Because of M-Squared’s early, extensive aircraft testing, it became the first company to produce an S-LSA aircraft in its class and to be certified and recognized by the FAA.  M-Squared Aircraft, Inc. began manufacturing the Breese 2 S-LSA airplanes in July, 2008.  Some other manufacturers of similar aircraft have just recently started getting onboard with the S-LSA program.