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The M-Squared Breese 2 Family of  airplanes can be purchased as Certified S-LSA or E-LSA airplanes.  The S-LSA version can be used for rentals and training but must be signed-off by an  A&P mechanic. Both S-LSA and E-LSA airplanes have offerings in both single-surface and double-surface wing configurations.  In this class of airplane, a single-surface wing provides greater lift  but slower airspeed than a double-surface wing. That’s why many single-surface wings are found on Breese 2 airplanes when floats are employed - they get the airplane off the water more easily. The Breese 2 is configured with the Rotax 582 (65 hp) engine.  It is the little brother to the beefier Breese 2 X/D airplane (formerly known as Sport 1000 and Sprint 1000). But don’t be fooled by the performance of this lighter duty airplane - Breese 2 airplanes have a maximum Light Sport take-off rating of 1320 lbs (1430 lbs with floats).







Rotax 582

  65 hp

No Floats


Rotax 582


No Floats


Rotax 582    65hp

With Floats

Breese 2 Airplanes

The airplane can have different operating characteristics depending on which primary options the owner chooses.

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