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Model                         Rotax 680

No. Cylinders                         2

Displacement                     680 CC

Horsepower                      80 H.P.

Recommended T.B.O.              300 Hrs

Propeller                   Ground Adj.

Length                            19 ft

Height                       7 ft 10 in

Wingspan                     29 ft 6 in

Wing Area                  165.5 sq. ft

Wing Loading                5.45 sq. ft

Seats                                 1

Empty Weight                    500 lbs

Useful Load                     400 lbs

Payload W/Full Fuel             364 lbs

Max Take-off Weight             900 lbs

Fuel Capacity (Standard)          5 gal

Structural rating               +6 -4 G


TTakeoff Distance, Ground Roll    50 ft

Takeoff Distance, 50 Ft Obstacle 200 ft

Rate of Climb                   975 fpm

Max Level Speed, Sea Level       92 mph

Landing Distance, 50 Ft Obstacle 200 ft

Landing Distance, Ground Roll     50 ft

Minimum Sink Rate               525 fpm

Glide Ratio                    5.00 : 1



At 65% Power (rpm/mph)          5300/72

At 75% Power (rpm/mph)          5600/80

At 100% Power (rpm/mph)         6500/92



At 65% Power (gph/mi)            4.8/90

At 75% Power (gph/mi)            6.0/80

At 100% Power (gph/mi)           7.8/71


Vx (Best angle of climb)         35 mph

Vy (Best rate of climb)          40 mph

Va (Design maneuvering)          80 mph

Vne (Never Exceed)              110 mph

Vs1 (Stall, Power off)           24 mph

Landing Approach Speed           31 mph


Suggested Retail Price   (Call For Quote)


ROTAX 680 Power plant Engine With "C" Gearbox 3:47 to 1, Electric starter with 20 amp battery,

4-Blade Warp drive propeller,

EIS - Engine Information System,

15" Main gear tires with aluminum wheels and Hydraulic brakes, 13" Nose gear with aluminum wheel,

Steel main wheel axle stubs,

Side mounted controls with brake handle,

Large lord mounted anti-vibration engine mount,

Steel pilot roll cage and nose struts,

Aerodynamic lift and jury struts with adjustable fittings,

High lift full symmetrical airfoil with 14" rib spacing,

Center hard-shell gap cover,

BRS 900 VLS Parachute

The M-Squared Ultra-X Airplane is a fully aerobatic single-seat ultralight type aircraft.  It was designed to prove the versatility of the M-Squared line of aircraft. With proper training in this airplane, pilots can perform loops and rolls as well as fly inverted. M-Squared Aircraft sells this airplane as a fast build AM EX Kit.

M-Squared Ultra-X with high lift, full symmetrical airfoil wings and a                       Rotax 680 engine The Ultra-X Airplane